Thrive Club Membership

Thrive Club Membership

from 70.00

Founder Membership - Full details are downloadable from product overview page or we can email you the PDF.

You will have 1 year from date of membership to buy your needles as and when you need them at the membership level price. We recommend that you do pre-order so we can ship to you without delay when they arrive in the UK. Your discounted prices will apply immediately

This is a very large shipment. 3mm and 4mm needles are now being shipped from China with the first arriving this week. Balance by the end of May. June and July will see the arrival of the 6mm and final balance and we will keep a rolling order from now on. You will be advised when to expect delivery and we have now reopened Pre-Orders. Once the shipment has arrived in full these discounts will end and your option will be to join The Thrive Club. We will keep you posted.

The first batch of pre-orders are being shipped this week (from 18th May 2019)

We have calculated that after around 13/15 boxes have been purchased that you get the full benefit of the discount offered in your membership level.

All prices please add £20% VAT

This means that :

Gold Members will then get the full benefit of £19.50 per box instead of £28 - save £8.50 per box

Silver Member: £21.50 per box and save £6.50 per box

Bronze Members: £23.50 per box and save £4.50 per box

Once you become a member you can upgrade and at that point get the benefit of the higher discount and bigger allocation to purchase at that price. Want to understand more? Please click Thrive Club - the deal

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