Product Overview

We offer a range of kits which include skincare, needles and trays.  Please contact us for more help with your requirements.


Thrive Intradermal Needles

Our unique Thrive Intradermal needles are designed for ease of use and safety in Clinic. Their design is of particular value in use for auricular acupuncture and facial use. They are available in 3mm, 4mm and 6mm.

Acuregen Tray Kit

Acuregen Tray Kit


At Acuregen we want our professionals to be able to learn to and practice in the most professional way. Our range of products provide safe, effective and time-efficient solutions. We offer kits and all items individually - you choose!

Using The Goddess, Heskier One Tool instead of Gua Sha

Using The Goddess, Heskier One Tool instead of Gua Sha

Heskiers OneTool


Heskiers method and Heskiers OneTool optimizes health practitioner’s treatment results, empowers athletes and health-conscious individuals in their own self-treatment reducing the gap between the practitioner and patient.

A safe and un-marking option for facial sculpture and those finishing touches. Also a tool for home use.

Acuregen Needle & Tray Kit

Acuregen Needle & Tray Kit


The Acuregen Anti-Aging range has been developed for high performance complexion rejuvenation and contains proven naturally active anti-oxidant agents. This clinical-grade range delivers powerful essential oil therapy with natural immune-boosting free-radical protection.

Our Derme Range has been developed for use with conditions such as eczema and psoriasis with ethical pricing as a priority.

CLINICARE Masks & Serums

CLINICARE ® Peptide infusion masks

Use once serum has been applied post rolling and post intradermals.

Key actions

∗ Promote healing

∗ Anti-ageing & deep hydration

∗ Catalyst in conjunction with vial solution

∗ Reduce inflammation

∗ Rejuvenate the epidermis for immediate effect

∗ Lifting and tightening

∗ Uniform skin tone


We offer training in Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture, auricular acupuncture and Heskier OneTool. New courses to be announced.

Clinicare EGF Peptide serums

Clinicare EGF Peptide serums