Our unique Thrive Intradermal needles are designed for ease of use and safety in clinic. Their design is of particular value in use for auricular acupuncture and facial use - double-polished Japanese steel needle shaft for reduced pain and swift insertion.

They are available in 3mm, 4mm and 6mm.


Thrive Gold .18x3mm

Best seller for universal use

Ensures ease of insertion on the toughest tissue.

Ideal for superficial areas such as forehead, eye area, lip area, wrist, decollete, auricular and scar tissue.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 12.56.19.png

Thrive Copper .18x6mm

Ensures reduced bruising risk

Essential for Acuregen sculpting method, these are used for areas with more subcutaneous fat, our advanced techniques and treatment step ups.


Thrive Silver .12x4mm

Best seller for sensitive patients

These needles are unique in the market with a ‘silicon-effect’ coating.

Universal use and a favourite of our Japanese clients.

Perfect for finer skin, bruise-risk areas such as eyes/temple and sensitive zones such as around lips.


Your needles are so superior to the invisible ones I keep losing in people’s ears, beehives, eyebrows etc that I’m gagging to get my hands on your little beauties.