"For many years I have searched for the most appropriate and effective skincare products to support my work. I needed to be sure they were free from petrochemicals and other harmful ingredients such as parabens. I am proud to now have a range of my own. I hope you enjoy their benefits as much as I and my patients do.” x Amanda

No fillers, no animal testing, no parabens

No fillers, no animal testing, no parabens


Our Passion and Purpose with your skin

The AcuRegen Anti-Aging range has been developed for high performance complexion rejuvenation and contains proven naturally active anti-oxidant agents. This clinical-grade range delivers powerful essential oil therapy with natural immune-boosting free-radical protection. Our new Derme Range has been developed for use with conditions such as eczema and psoriasis with ethical pricing as a priority


An effective, safe suite of products to incorporate into practice protocols. Facilitates the priming of skin prior to cosmetic procedures. Provides nourishing cellular support for use with procedures. Includes anti- inflammatory and rehydration therapies for soothing, sustainable after-care post-procedure both in clinic and for the client at home.

Our beautiful body oils: Lavender, Jasmine and Rose

Our beautiful body oils: Lavender, Jasmine and Rose

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Argan Oils

Add to our Hydra Ultra Face cream for a luxurious treat Day or Night!

Our skincare range will arrive on the shop very soon!


Clinicare Peptide Infusion Masks an Serums